Happy Wednesday!

This is the first thing that comes up when you Google “thank god its Wednesday.” Crazy, right?

Can you believe it’s already Wednesday? I know, right? It feels like it should be Friday already for SURE. I’m SO over this week. So yeah, any big plans this weekend?

…..sound familiar? If so, I have to think it’s not because I just wrote all of that and more because you’ve heard at least 27 million variations on those same sentences over the years (rough approximation). The term my friend Stu and I like to use for this situation is: “worklejerk.”

I know, I know: pretty amazing, right? Give your brain some time to digest the amazing portmanteau action you’ve just witnessed, and then don’t give it any time before you decide to follow this blog. Worklejerk is dedicated to analyzing, lamenting and critiquing workplace traditions, from the banal to the outright insane (and trust me, there will be a sad amount of them that sound insane but are actually very, very real). Think of this blog like “Office Space” except more timely, more diverse and wayyyyyyy less funny.

This blog, like many babies, was born after years of debating whether or not this was such a good idea and worrying about what others will think about it — but unlike people with babies, you don’t have to lie to us and tell us it’s good OR buy us presents. In fact, we’re gonna give the presents to you, in the form of solid(ish) writing about a topic that is near and dear to both of us: workplace bullshit. ST and I have a combined several years in the workplace, and it’s allowed us the opportunity to critique its unique flaws and bitch to each other about its REALLY unique flaws. We’ve tried blogging before, with moderate (OK, zero) results, but the groundwork was laid: We’re just two people trying to pass the time during the day, trying to protect our jobs by writing about what we don’t like about them in an effort to make each other laugh. You feel us?

I’m Joe St. Germain and my buddy is Stu Tiggle — both very corporate-y pseudonyms we’ve chosen to keep our own coworkers, both past and present, from realizing we’re talking about them whenever we post. Feel free to follow, comment, subscribe and all that — even if just to take a few minutes away from your boring work day in order to focus it on something way more productive, like following this blog. We promise we’ll try our best to relate to you. Not that we’ll have to try — TGIW, am I right??



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