Yes, You Started a Small Business. No, You Are Not CEO.

CEO Comic

We’ve all seen it before.  One of your LinkedIn friends started a business, or more likely a side project, and lists one of their “jobs” as “Beats By Stu Tiggle” or what have you.  It’s awesome that you have an interest or goal that you are pursuing, and maybe it isn’t quite full-time yet, but you’re working on escaping the rat race.  Good for you.  But dude, you aren’t “CEO” or “President” or some other ludicrous title.  You should change that ASAP to stop looking like such a douche.

CEO’s have boards under them.  They lead corporations.  Even if you’ve established an LLC, you don’t have a board of directors to report to.  By having a self-appointed title like that, the smug self-righteousness you possess is all the more evident, parading around the web for all to see.  Get real, you and your buddy are at best “Owner” or “Founder” or something along those lines.

A friend of mine who owns a bar has a LinkedIn profile.  Rather than make his title “CEO/Director of Business Operations” or “VP of Liquid Delivery,” he keeps it real: “Owner and Janitor.”

If you are guilty of this offense, go change your title to “Owner.”  The rest of the world will immediately take you a little bit more seriously.



One thought on “Yes, You Started a Small Business. No, You Are Not CEO.

  1. As CEO/Arch High Chancellor of Scouting & Talent Attraction of my musical side project, Racist Bassist LLC, I’m intrigued by this “Beats By Stu Tiggle” you mentioned!


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