Happy Friday: An End-of-the-Week Link Dump

Sorry that posting has been so light around the ol’ WJ offices lately. I know, hard to believe, right?  Turns out distracting yourself from work is a full-time job in and of itself. But in order to feel like I’m being at least a little productive — and, more importantly, to help distract you from your own jobs — here’s a collection of the most interesting links I’ve come across this week. Enjoy! –JSG


  • The incomparable 538 finished up its World Cup of global cuisine, and it was fantastic. For something that was mostly data-driven, following the results of each round was surprisingly awesome. [538]
  • Speaking of, they also polled people about their Star Wars preferences, both the movies and the individual characters. Eleventy-quadrillion dollars to the first person who guesses which character was the least favorable! [538]
  • Joe Posnanski wrote up this memorial of Red Klotz, founder and coach of the Harlem Globetrotters, as only Joe Posnanski can: artfully and awesomely. [JoeBlogs]
  • Golf is a great summertime activity, but it’s expensive and like, requires you to go outside — this cool and stylish golf game, however, is free and easy to play at your desk! Besides, you’re way less likely to see UFOs in a real round of golf, so really I’m doing you a favor. [Wonderputt]
  • Is there any animal that looks more like it’s in a perpetual state of happiness than the corgi? Answer: I haven’t found one, that’s for sure. [CorgiAddict]
  • This guy turned all of baseball’s uniforms into soccer kits: the visual results are outstanding, and the explanations/meaning behind the design choices are even better. [Soccer Out of Context]
  • Finally, if you haven’t heard of SlickDeals yet, it’s a great place to find deals on all kinds of cool shit. Odds are you’ve been curious about or in the market for at least something that’s currently listed, and the list is constantly updated. Check it out! [SlickDeals]

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