Welcome to Worklejerk! It’s a blog dedicated to exploring the stupid, inane and oddly omnipresent circlejerks in the office world. It’s the blog you never knew you don’t need!

Your employees are:


Joe St. Germain, VP of Worklejerk Marketing & Quality Assurance

As founder of Worklejerk and VP of Worklejerk Quality Assurance, Joe St. Germain is responsible for bringing the summarization and analysis of workplace foibles to new and uncharted heights. Joe brings with him a tremendous amount of experience in quickly powering through his responsibilities in a given day, using the rest of his free time for more fruitful pursuits like browsing the Internet and lamenting  the state of the modern workplace. Joe has no family, no kids and no other traditional responsibilities that these blurbs feature, and he likes to spend his free time being highly critical of various social institutions while drinking expensive whiskey.


Stu Tiggle, VP of Worklejerk Technology & Research/Development

Stu Tiggle has been with Worklejerk since its inception and is an indispensable part of its core mission. He’s spent his whole career observing and optimizing the best strategies for openly criticizing the modern workplace structure, staying on the forefront of new and developing circlejerks and deftly maneuvering through an ever-changing landscape of nonsense. Stu spends his free time doing the kinds of things his coworkers will confess to being jealous of every time they ask how his weekend was. He also has a pretty cute cat.


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