Brevity Is the Soul of Wit, and It’s Also a Pretty Great Trait to Have in the Workplace Where It Really Helps You Eliminate Uselessly Long Chats

Did anyone else get the thing I did in the title? No? Alright, nvm, my bad. Anyway, we’ve both touched on this a little bit tangentially, but is there anything worse in life than having someone repeatedly explain something to you that you already get? (The irony of my 1700 word post about interviews is not lost on me, no.) Is there any feeling more helpless than listening to a group of people re-hash the same points over and over again in a meeting that should have taken five minutes but instead took the full 30 because people just couldn’t quite grasp what was really being said? I think I speak for everyone in the world when I say: no, nothing is more annoying than that.

It’s one thing to get roped into conversation with your coworkers — they usually mean well, and contrary to the essence of everything I’ve posted here, having an office full of quiet, miserly dicks would be impossibly annoying. That part’s fine, in small doses. What’s NOT fine is having a work-related conversation about work-related topics and hearing people repeat themselves and reiterate the point countless times. I’m serious, I think this is the thing that aggravates me more than anything else in the workplace — we’ve tackled a lot of subjects here, but just thinking about this one is already upsetting me. Join me on this blood-boiling adventure — the Fury Train is pulling in to Aggravation Station! (I am getting worse and worse at these metaphors, aren’t I?)

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